Second Hand Jewellery

Buying second hand jewellery is something I never considered before I worked as an IT consultant for a jewellers. My wife and my bank manager are both very grateful for the time I worked there. My wife gets quality jewellery and my bank account does not get totally wiped out, everyone is happy!

Buying Second Hand Jewellery and Bag a Bargain

Second hand jewellery has one major advantage over buying jewellery from a retailer. Of course the biggest reason for buying second hand jewellery has to be price, by finding a bargain you can save about 50% on the price you would expect to pay from the high street jeweller. There are many places that you can source second hand jewellery and there are also a few hints and tips I want to share which should help you find your perfect item of jewellery at a bargain price without compromising on quality.

Do Some Research

Now the first thing that you need to consider when buying an item of jewellery is do some research. You need to have an idea of what you are looking at and how much you should reasonably expect to pay for a new and also a second hand item. High value items such as diamond rings over one carat in weight usually have certification which gives information on the 4c’s. The 4c’s are, if you like, the specifications of a diamond and they are cut, colour, carat and clarity. The combination of these four specifications determine the value of the diamond, this is the largest factor in the cost of a diamond ring for any ring with a diamond weighing over 0.2 carats.

second hand jewelleryFor diamonds under 1 carat it is usual for a jeweller or trained diamond grader to grade your diamond rather than a laboratory due to the cost implications. Understanding what you want in a diamond and also the terms used to describe the specifications of a diamond are probably the first thing you should be researching. I am not going to go into the ins and outs of diamond grading and understanding the 4c’s but what I will say is that before buying an item of jewellery you will need to have an understanding of what governs the price of jewellery before you can decide if you are getting a good price.

One other raw material that is used in nearly all jewellery is precious metals. Jewellery is usually made in gold, silver or platinum with the gold usually being in 9 ct or 18ct. Understanding the difference in precious metals and how this makes a difference to price is also very important. Armed with some knowledge you will be able to make an informed decision when deciding how much to spend and where to buy your jewellery from.

Setting a Budget

Okay setting a budget is not strictly a tip for buying second hand jewellery but seriously this is one of the most important things that you need to do and probably the first thing you need to do before you start. Find a realistic budget that will be enough to get you the piece of jewellery you want but also not break the bank. The benefits of setting a budget early on are that by sticking to your budget no matter what you will be able to use this as a bargaining tool when buying jewellery. Be realistic though or otherwise you will be looking for a long, long time!

Shopping Around

A good tip is to shop around. This is a significant purchase you are going to make and by shopping around you increase your chances of finding a bargain. Now there are various places you can try such as the high street pawn brokers, second hand retailers, eBay or even privately but one thing you should always do is shop about. Buying second hand jewellery can mean finding a real bargain but if you don’t shop around and buy the first item of jewellery that seems a good deal then you are doing yourself an injustice!


Now I know in the UK this is not something that many of us seem comfortable with doing but believe me when you are buying second hand jewellery this is a something that can pay dividends. Many jewellers will be open to negotiation as will private sellers. Don’t be afraid to make them an offer as you may be pleasantly surprised with just how much money you can get knocked off the price. What is the worst that can happen!

online jewellersOnline Jewellers

Now this tip applies to both new and second hand jewellery. Buying jewellery from a trusted online retailer can save you a fortune. Lower overheads mean online jewellers have a huge advantage over the high street shops. This is not the only reason to consider buying your jewellery from and online retailer.

  • You will also have the advantages of having a large catalogue of jewellery to browse through from the comfort of your own home.
  • No salesperson pressurising you into a sale before you are ready.
  • The advantage of a a search engine being at your finger tips to compare multiple shops at the same time with like for like jewellery.
  • Protection of the distance selling regulations. If you are not happy with the jewellery you can return it within seven days for a full refund, it is irrelevant that the jewellery is second hand!

For me buying second hand jewellery from the comfort of my own home is important. I hate going to the high street, detest pushy sales people and just love the protection of the distance selling regulations which means if I am not entirely happy with the jewellery I can send it back and claim a full refund.

Buying from an accredited jeweller also gives the peace of mind that you are dealing with someone you can trust. They are an expert in their field and they will most likely be offering the keenest prices. Look for a jeweller that is a member of the British Jewellers Association. Buy from a jeweller that has secure payment facilities. Buying online also gives you the chance to check out reviews from past customers.

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